Re: [stella] z-Axis Movement Programming Theory Sources?

Subject: Re: [stella] z-Axis Movement Programming Theory Sources?
From: "J Parlee" <lost_monkey@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 20:54:27 -0400
 <KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Getting back to your 3D issues...I'm now thinking it's not
> so much the 3D display that's bugging you, as the way the ball
> should bounce inside the court?

It is the calculations of the ball movement in 3D that's got me in fits..

The rest of your post summed up the 3D aspect of the game nicely, at about
the same level I am at... but as I mentioned in my first post, the solutions
I come up with are always very convoluted - I have to set too many
limitations on possible outcomes (ie. player being able to aim the ball),
and then the code just doesn't work. : (

I think I will explain the how the original game plays, as it was only
commercially available for the DC in Japan, and in limited arcade release

Essentially it is a squash or racquetball variant, where the player must hit
a series of targets within a time limit.  Losing a ball is not a "death"
like in other pong type games, but rather causes the player to lose time
while setting up the next volley.

For example, in the screen my current bin draws, the player may have to hit
all six of the displayed targets in 60 seconds or less.  The next level may
have a different set of targets and the time available to the player would
be the time remaining from the first level, plus 20 seconds. Points would be
skewed to reward quick finishing times and no lost balls.  The kernel is set
up to be able to handle having moving targets as well, and possibly even a
moving shield which must be avoided.

The player should be able to modify the movement of the ball by pressing
Up/Down/Left or Right when "hitting" the ball, in order to easier "aim" at
the targets.

Here is a page with some info on the DC release of Cosmic Smash.

I haven't played it for quite a while.. (the place I rented it from closed
up and skipped town), but I will be buying a copy of it to make sure I get
as many of the features down as possible.


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