Re: [stella] z-Axis Movement Programming Theory Sources?

Subject: Re: [stella] z-Axis Movement Programming Theory Sources?
From: "J Parlee" <lost_monkey@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 20:24:54 -0400
> I see the trouble now. In the binary you sent you're comparing $19
(AUDV0/INPT1) at $F191 when it should be #$19.
> Nice looking game. BTW, am I the only one that had trouble playing this
binary in it's posted state?
> Take care,
> Dennis

Thanks for finding that Dennis. I am running Z26 (v1.54) for compatibility
issues and I hadn't a problem with it.  It starts up okay on real hardware
as well, aside from the previously mentioned rolling. I think the rolling is
from either my vertical blank or overscan, but I just found the problem
before I posted the bin to the list last night, so I haven't had a chance to
look at the source again.


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