Re: [stella] Climber 5 RC#02

Subject: Re: [stella] Climber 5 RC#02
From: Bad Panda Bear <badpandabear@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 22:16:36 -0800
I just tried out RC # 2 on my NTSC 2600 Jr, Heavy Sixer, and 7800. First let me say that I really like this game and I am very impressed. Now let me nitpick:

I agree with Thomas, the background color in level 5 is too bright. It hurts my eyes whenever I reach that level.

The background color in the title screen doesn't look bad on my NTSC systems, but I wouldn't hurt to make it darker. Also in the title screen, I thought the way the copyright date and your name were too close.

As far as the the platform and ladder color in level 3 that Thomas mentioned, the NTSC version looked okay. The three systems had different results (the colors were a little dark on the 7800, the background was a bit too dark on the heavy sixer, and the 2600 jr had a decent balance), but in general it worked.

When playing the game, I noticed I could still end up hitting a girder and the ball at exactly the same moment. This resulted in the death animation, but I still got to the next level without loosing a life. I don't know how much of a problem this is though, since I don't know how many players will stand by the ball idly waiting for the girder to come by.

Another thing I noticed is that I can restart a game by pushing the fire button when in the title screen, but not on the "game over" screen just after you die. I would prefer to be able to do this because I'm too impatient to wait for the title screen, and too lazy to move my but over to the hit the reset button.

Finally, it's really hard to get past the higher levels! Maybe you could reduce the time penalty for switching the girder directions? I find I tend to run out of time a lot on the higher levels because I keep needing to switch girder directions a lot. Or maybe I just suck.

Dusty Reichwein

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