[stella] JoustPong lives!

Subject: [stella] JoustPong lives!
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 13 Feb 2004 04:34:49 -0000
So thanks Dennis Debro, that was indeed the problem.
And I'm using B. Watson's kernal diagnostic macro stuff,
which is pretty cool.

So I should try to figure out what are the must-dos before
Philly Classic, when I'd really like to release it...

Some ideas are:
*Pterry in the middle...but at the cost of some flicker?
I think if I alternate frames, like so: (with 1 = player 1, 
2 = player 2, P = Pterry)

[1   2]
[1 P  ]
[1   2]
[  P 2]
[1   2]

That would mean each player is shown 3 out of 4 frames, 
and Pterry is shown every other frame. 

As opposed to 
[1 P  ]
[  P 2]
[1 P  ]
[  P 2]

where Pterry is solid, but each player is only there 1/2 the 
time...I'm worried about missing hits but that's about it.

* letting people add wall back in...I'm not sure if I'm as 
  crazy about this, I'd have to hack up more AI, and it means 
  the control scheme is fancier.

* variable ball angles...maybe 4 or 6 angles, based on how 
  fast the player is moving when it hits the ball.  In this 
  case, in the variations w/ wall, it makes the players at least
  feel they can get some strategy in...

* some kind of tune on the title screen...though with some early
  experiments, I wasn't quite able to quantize the rhythm I 
  was hoping for, any suggestions?

* Have the ball speed up over gameplay...might be more trouble 
  than it's worth 'cause I'm not sure its worth that much

Well, that's about it. What is worth pursuing in the meager time
I have left?

KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx    http://kisrael.com
 "Sorry Rob. I don't think 'Being a Dork' qualifies as being a performance 
  piece. And bringing in your laundry hoping someone will do it for you is 
  not a multimedia installation." 

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