[stella] thought on that bug

Subject: [stella] thought on that bug
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 16 Feb 2004 18:39:31 -0000
That is an academically interesting bug, but now I'm 
thinking that the general idea (either of ball speed 
being equal to player speed after rebound, or ball speed
being old ball speed plus player speed) might be 
flawed, just because of the scenario where the ball
goes horizontal and both players are at the bottom...
it'd get stuck in a loop.  Fractional speeds and 
positioning could help I guess, but overall I dunno.
I liked the idea that a skilled player could purposefully
send a shot at a more extreme angle by catching it "in 
passing" rather than hovering (and actually, the computer
player seems worse at handling flat shots than angles...
I'm worried with the decrease in gravity, the computer player
is too good, because often its decent via gravity matches
the downward speed of the ball more closely, and it more
rarely overflaps, which is why it usually misses)

I dunno, maybe I could go to the classic Pong "where it hits
the bat determines the angle", but it would be a lot tougher
to take advantage of that.

And actually, having only 2 fixed angles like it has now have 
worked much better than i expected...

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