[stella] feh...need opion on mechanics

Subject: [stella] feh...need opion on mechanics
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 19 Feb 2004 01:51:41 -0000

I tried to do some old school Pong ball bounce physics:
the balls angle (from perpendicular to the paddle surface)
increases the further it is from the center of the paddle.

It doesn't work too well, I'm afraid.  

And the computer is wayyyy to tough now. People thought it was 
tough before, but at least *I* could beat it sometimes. I think 
the problem is the gravity is weak, so it's easier for the computer
to stick with the ball as it descends.

Is there a standard musical kernal?  I tried making my own, 
but I can't keep the 2 voices in synch if they're doing different
rhythms...I thought maybe I had an off-by-one-error, so that if one 
voice was trying to play for 10 beats, 10 beats, 10 beats, 10 beats 
and the other voice was playing for 40 beats, the first would actually
play for 44 and the second for 41, but I tried compensating for that,
to no avail.  

Feh, Maybe I should just quantize to a specific beat.  It's just a 
humble little riff plus funk beat I want to do for the title screen.

Been quiet on the list lately...

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