Re: [stella] RPG progress

Subject: Re: [stella] RPG progress
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 08:52:48 +0100
Hi Paul!

I've modified my demo map system into something that will work for a real
game. It now supports multiple map areas, multiple tile sets and color
schemes, map data stored in it's own bank, and a way to move between
different maps. It also has placeholders for code/data that will
eventually support invisible doors, doors that require an item to pass, and characters/items you can interact with.

Cool stuff. I think I've already seen such an area requiring a pass on the second map.

You can enter the hut and castle that are nearby where you start

Wow, the castle has even a second level!

(Sorry for the bad controls, will improve soon)

The controls are indeed horrible as is :-)

Also there's two glitches in your display kernel.

- On the very right edge, the last two pixels are missing every other
scannline. If there's water at the left, the blue color repeats for one pixel
wide stripes on the right.

- Scrolling looks weird, like if the "new" blocks would come in slower than the
"old" ones disappear. This looks especially weird when scrolling water or
walls. Also I got the impression as if sometimes "wrong" blocks are scrolled
in first (even with the wrong color!) which is then corrected later.

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