Re: [stella] RPG progress

Subject: Re: [stella] RPG progress
From: Glenn Saunders <mos6507@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 22:42:58 -0800
At 11:02 AM 2/20/2004, you wrote:
Okay, I see what you mean. Well the "grass" tile is what I consider the blank tile. It is tile value 0 and I "OR" in any other tiles from the map data.

I think you can make do with a solid background. It's already green, which implies grass.

filled. Since the color shading is done on the fly in the kernal, it won't shade anything until the tiles are actually there.

I think the way there is a slight delay in the "fill" of the color is an acceptable compromise. This is an RPG, not an action-game. The flicker rate looks acceptable to me. I'm really impressed with the level of detail you've been able to reach with this. Not only do you have the color on the water but you have the animated waves too. Nice.

Have you thought about secondary kernels for zoomed in action like Intellivision AD&D?

I'm also wondering what other kinds of games this could pull off...

Do you think it might be possible to do the board part of Archon with this? You only need 8x8 for Archon, but there would be a problem getting the pieces to be different colors for each side, right?

I just hacked that new character display system into the second bank. Should have an inventory/status screen working soon.

I can't wait. How big can you make this game ultimately? And how do you plan on handling state management of the monsters? Once you kill a monster you need to keep track of whether it's live or dead, right? RPGs have to use a lot of RAM for that sort of thing otherwise stuff constantly respawns where the ROM spools it from.

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