Re: [stella] A/V mods

Subject: Re: [stella] A/V mods
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 21:37:46 -0500
On Sunday 22 February 2004 19:40, Glenn Saunders wrote:
> unavoidable based on how much it's doing inside.  Any effort
> spent trying to shield the CC or wrap your RF cords around
> magnets or wrap them in tinfoil or route through VCRs is
> really silly when the whole thing can be fixed once and for
> all with an A/V mod.

People keep saying this kind of thing.  Maybe people with too 
much time on their hands (and judging from the auction 
discussions over at AtariAge, that's most of us) can go out and 
buy a box and styrofoam peanuts or whatever, go home and pack up 
their 2600, write an 80 dollar check, drive to a parcel shipping 
place to send it off, and then wait a month for the mod to get 
turned around.

However, I am not that guy.  Going back to the "dual SID for your 
C64" and "E! software upgrade for your DX7" offers of the late 
80's, I've never been able to justify sending off a piece of 
equipment I owned to get a hardware upgrade.  I see no reason to 
start now when the piece of equipment in question cost me less 
than the *shipping* involved in getting it modded would.  

As I've said for about the last 5 years or however long it's been 
since people started talking about AV mods, as soon as someone 
reputable puts up a web store where I can order a pre-modded 
2600, I don't care what kind (I think I'd actually prefer a Jr. 
or something at this point... or a 7800, if Chad decides to do a 
second round of CC2's) and pay with a credit card and have it 
show up in a reasonable timeframe, I'm right there with wallet 
out.  I assume no one's willing to make the inventory commitment 
necessary to make such an offer and that's why we still haven't 
seen it.  

Till then, the 2600 continues to get piped through the VCR, when 
it's hooked up at all, and I do most of my Atari gaming by 
typing "stella.sdl somegame.bin".  It's kind of academic, 
really, since my TV only has an antenna plug anyway and even my 
cable box generates snow. ;)


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