Re: [stella] JoustPong: more exciting than ever!

Subject: Re: [stella] JoustPong: more exciting than ever!
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 23 Feb 2004 05:30:16 -0000
> At 08:06 PM 2/22/2004, you wrote:
> >"Pterry" is now a resident of the magical JoustPong kingdom!
> I see two problems with your Pterry approach.  One, it's double-line 

Don't think of them as "problems"...think of them as...less
that fully baked solutions!

> resolution so it really needs to go on a diet.  Second, I guess you are 
> co-opting a player because I see a lot of flicker.

It is a bit big at that. 

In terms of the flicker, on a tv, it mostly shows up on the score,
I think because the background is so light, so I might adjust it 
that way.

> If you do an intelligent flicker routine then it should only be necessary 
> to flicker if all 3 objects are on the same scanline.  Other than that, for 
> a game with only 4 moving objects I don't see why flicker would be necessary.
> I know 2600 Joust appears to have 30hz constant flicker but it's a much 
> more complicated kernel.

Look, no doubt the programmer of 2600 Joust is a better ASM programmer 
than I'm ever going to be.  The kernal I ended up with is tighter than
I even realized...when I substituted in Pterry for a player graphic,
pixels were getting dropped (ones that the player graphics don't usually
use) So I think I'm going to stick with the technique I came up with.

Anyway, trying it out, I'm still worried about the physics.
I really think it takes too much physical work to hover in 
place.  (I ended up using both sides of a 7800 stick, just to
make it easier to get more boost) Also, the computer is still
too damn tough with this type of physics, since when it falls,
it pretty much falls at the same pace as the ball descending.

Maybe I need to feed it some stupid pills, have it flap for 
no reason, which should cause it to overshoot more often.

"An art form based on the computer should be impossible without it."
--Myron Krueger

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