RE: [stella] JoustPong: more exciting than ever!

Subject: RE: [stella] JoustPong: more exciting than ever!
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 23 Feb 2004 16:27:51 -0000
> >You slightly underestimate the semi-cleverness of my flicker
> >algorithm but your point is valid.
> Ah, okay, same difference, really...

Hence the slightly :-)
> >Basically what you're saying to do is move my exact repositioning 
> >routine to between the score and the action.  
> Yeah, though you'd also need seperate positioning code for the score itself.

Yeah, but so far there's been plenty of tiem for that in the VBLANK.

> Could Pterry's movement just mimic the ball's (and probably share a bunch of code) except at 1/2 or 1/4 speed? And then when they collide they'd both change direction slightly...

It will be something like the balls, but with more horizontal fight,
and not going as far up or down the screen.

> BTW - While we're redesigning your kernal (smile) what if:
> Ball = Ball
> Pterry = P0
> Right player = P1
> Left player = M0+M1
> You could then have a flicker free kernal (Scores would be P0/P1 but that doesn't really effect the play area)
> Each scanline you'd need to:
> Turn ball on or off
> Load values into left and right playfield
> Load bitmap value into P0
> Load bitmap value into P1
> Turn M0 and M1 on or off
> Adjust position/width of M0 and/or M1 (depending upon how complex the paddles will look)
> Fix COLUP0 and COLUP1 so left player, right player and Pterry are different colours
> Could be do-able (smile).
Well, even making everything monchrome, it's probably too much.
(Especially 'cause in a two line kernal, I have to load left and right
playfield values twice)

One option: lose the wings entirely.  Just make the pong bats 
bars.  It would be flickerfree, but is that worth it?

Or I suppose I could lookinto "lumpy bars" by playing with the 
width, though I barely have anytime for any repositioning...

I dunno, that's a tough call for Philly Classic.  I mean, easy
enough to switch to plain bars and lose the flicker.  But would
that be givig up too much? 

Al, whadda you think? For some reason I like to defer to you 
in this kind of issue...

  "Ohhho, your inner child pretty much runs the place, huh?"
    --Tracy (The Drew Carey Show)

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