RE: [stella] JoustPong: more exciting than ever!

Subject: RE: [stella] JoustPong: more exciting than ever!
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 23 Feb 2004 22:33:02 -0000
> You can have a flicker free kernal just by putting P0 in copy mode and 
> positioning it at the right side of the screen so it wraps around.  Use P1 
> for ptery and the ball for the ball.  Then you don't ever have to 
> reposition P0 (just use the same setup for the score.)  Example 
> attached.  Only drawback is that you may not be able to color the two 
> players differently.

Wow. I nominate Paul for the cleverest guy in the room this week award.
And with the example code, I was even able to see that the way I have to 
put in the Playfied (I can't use the outermost block because then my timing 
issues show) would work, the players as is are "inside" the walls so to 
speak.  This might just be doable!  I have plenty of time to position P0
in the VBLANK, and I just write both players to that player....hmmm,
there might be some additional challenges, off by one errors, or writing 

Oh, fudge.  this might not be easily compatible with a packed two line 
kernal :-( 

> BTW: The link to your source is not working.

Fixed, sorry. People can take a look and see if I have a snowball's 
chance of getting it all to work...

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