Re: Re: [stella] Climber 5 bug found and stomped I hope :-)

Subject: Re: Re: [stella] Climber 5 bug found and stomped I hope :-)
From: Dennis Debro <ddebro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 14:55:49 -0500
Hi Thomas,

> I just downloaded RC4 from AA and I found another minor bug:
> When pressing reset while the climber is climbing a ladder he
> continues doing so, even if there is no ladder.
> Quite funny locking though. :-)

LOL! Thanks, I'll look into that. BTW, why are you pressing RESET while climbing a ladder? Your VCS must be pretty close to you.

> The title screen looks good now and most colors too. Except for those
> exceptions (PAL):
> - the green status bar is slightly too dark as the contrast with the
> black score is too low on my TV.

Which level is this?

> - the background colors in level 3 and 5 are identical ($A6, IMO still
> slightly too bright). Maybe you could use e.g. $80..$84 (more red) and
> $C0..$C4 (more blue) instead. 

I'll look into it, thanks. I wish I could try this out on a PAL TV to save the trial and error :-(

> BTW: The colors for PAL and NTSC differ sometimes. Is that
> intentional? 

It wasn't originally. I was trying to stay close to the original A8 colors. Of course the A8 gives you more color range than the VCS. When trying to tweek the colors to work on your PAL system I think I just gave up on trying to get them close and sticking to the original color scheme as close as I could.

Take care,

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