RE: [stella] A/V mods (fwd)

Subject: RE: [stella] A/V mods (fwd)
From: "Amos Bannister" <amosba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 22:43:42 +1100
 > So I got the answer from Joe.  It *is* an available option, but it isn't
 > on the webpage.  You can order both the console and modification
 > by calling
 >'s Customer Service department at 480.891.2708.

Ordering a pre-modded NTSC 2600 was going to be an option for me, depending
on cost, but at the added cost of an international phone call I think I'll
give that one a miss. 8-/

 > Someone here was asking how to modify a PAL 2600.  The NTSC
 > version of the
 > CyberTech Video Card will work, but it isn't plug-and-play with
 > PAL consoles.
 > You'll need to make an pinout adapter.  If I get enough

Sounds like a lot of hard work... 8-/

 > I haven't set up the shop yet, so I can't give detailed how to
 > at this point.
 > But if you want a do-it-yourself solution, any of the popular
 > mods will work
 > with a PAL console.  You just have to find equivilent points to
 > pick signals
 > from.  Also, PAL machines are MONO stereo.  :(

Again, sounds like a lot of hard work. I was kinda hoping that someone had
already done a suitable mod for PAL 2600s and that the ionfo might be
available somewhere, but if I have to try to figure out pin-out conversions
then I might have to stick with the RF out. Given that the pin-outs on the
PAl 2600 are supposedly different it looks as if I will have to import an
NTSC 2600 and try one of the NTSC mods - depending on cost. I'm guessing
that this is not going to be a cheap option. 8-(

Amos Bannister

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