Re: [stella] Cybertech board manufacturing

Subject: Re: [stella] Cybertech board manufacturing
From: John Saeger <johnws8@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 18:41:15 -0800
On Sun, 2004-02-29 at 14:59, Oliver Achten wrote:

> As I pointed out earlier, the electrical design of the system has a great
> impact how the CPU executes the unstable illegal opcodes.
> But why do you bother? No one will ever uses these opcodes anyway, because
> it is too dangerous.

Why bother?  I suppose I can't explain why I think it's interesting.  I
just do.  It's like what year is it?  The business about the unstable
opcodes working different on different machines is fairly new
information.  It was an open question for many many years and I'm
extremely pleased that somebody worked it out.  Getting a heavy-sixer is
my way of celebrating.  And who knows, maybe there is an underlying
reason that would allow non-heavy sixers to run the opcodes.  But who
cares?  I dunno.  I have some old demos where *sprites* are unstable on
certain machines.  That's never been explained.  I sorta want to see
what happens with them on a heavy-sixer too.  But I'm looking forward to
doing it with nice video.  ;-)


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