Re: [stella] JoustPong: feedback please on ball speed

Subject: Re: [stella] JoustPong: feedback please on ball speed
From: Christopher Tumber <christophertumber@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 16:29:33 -0500
>I don't think the traditional Pong "curved surface" paradigm
>work in Joustpong, since accurate positioning of the player vs.
>the bar is well-night impossible, given the "always moving" nature
>of JoustPong.

Umm, I dunno - I think it's dangerous to make design decisions based on the assumption nobody will ever master the game.

I mean, no one will ever be able to get anywhere near level 256 on Pac-Man, so it doesn't matter if it crashes then, right?

If the bounce is like Pong, then for novice players who can't control the paddle well enough to direct the bounce, it's essentially random. Which is fine. But for experts, it gives and added depth to the game.

You could always make it an optional switch.

>Ugh, that really breaks the idea that you influence the ball only 
>when it hits you...remote control ball isn't unprecedented in Atari
>land (I'm thinking the pitching in M-Network's version of baseball)
>but given the amount of stuff going on overall in JP, I think that 
>might be too much.

Nonono, when the ball hits your paddle, if you're pushing the joystick right the ball bounces off faster. If you're pushing left, the ball bounces off more slowly.

Not remote control!

>Given the relatively slow speed of the ball, the other player usually
>has plenty of time to get to wherever it is, as long as Pterry isn't there
>to interfere...I'd either do it "randomly" (like maybe up or down
>based on AND %00000001 of something going on in the game) or neutral.

Hrm, are you going to have difficulty levels? Or a difficulty curve? (ie: Will the ball speed up and the game get harder as it progresses?)


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