Re: [stella] magicard

Subject: Re: [stella] magicard
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 24 Mar 2004 03:50:42 -0000
> Hello,
> Let me introduce myself.  My name is Michael and I have been a lurker 
> for a couple of years now.  I just got the magicard at pc5 and I was 
> wondering if anybody has made any games or demos using it?  Is there 
> any information sites or sites with magicard code on it?


I don't know what the magicard you got came with documentation
wise, but it looks like AtariAge has a pretty big chunk of
information  (musta been someone's personal interest ;-)

Includes the original doc, and version of the programs.

It's a very cool idea, like a power version of "BASIC
Programming", but I wonder if entering any kind of real
program might be waaaaay to laborious to be useful?
Back in the day, something like this might be a unique
way of playing with a 2600, but now it seems like more of 
a novelty when we have such a powerful arsenal of tools
to code with.  

(Actually, I'm not sure how much of that is close to
'programming native' and how much is in the special 
environment the cart sets up...)

Anyway, don't mean to sound like a wet is a 
very nifty thing, and there might be some very cool things 
to do with it.

> On a side, I purchased a stelladapter and just have to say how great 
> this device is.  A big thank you to Joe for making this wonderful piece 
> of hardware.  There's something great about playing an arcade game such 
> as mr. do on a mac using an atari 2600 joystick.

Yeah, pretty cool!

And so I'm leaving / You can find out how much better things can get
And if it helps / I'd say I feel a little worse than I did when we met
	--Dar Williams, "As Cool As I Am"

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