Re: [stella] H*R RPG Demo

Subject: Re: [stella] H*R RPG Demo
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 24 Mar 2004 13:29:50 -0000
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> >The Homestar Runner demo got a *lot* of attention at PC5.
> >The title screen is so attractive, that it really brings the
> >power of people's love for the website into play.
> Cool, glad there was a lot of interest!  Unfortunately, that was the demo 
> from the Austin Gaming Expo and not the latest one.  There were some weird 
> problems getting the latest one working on a real board.  The new demo is 
> attached (and it works fine on Z26 and my Cuttle Cart).

Weird problems when running on real hardware...huh, where have I
seen that kind of issue before? ;-)
> This month I've been busy with my band and other stuff, but in about a week 
> I'm jumping back into the RPG.  After that, the next 2-3 months I'll be 
> hammering away at it until it's done.

Awesome!  One quip I've been using over the past week is "the most
middlin' release is better than the bestest vaporware", but given how
much neat stuff is going on in the demo, I'm sure they'll be nothing 
"middlin'" about it.  (Incidentally, in talking about Stella to people
expressing interest in doing their own work, a few times I was like 
'for instance, this kernal, the really difficult bit, was pretty much
handed to me by Paul Slocum, I had one but it was all flickery....')

What roughly is the secret behind, say, the full color splash 
screen? PF graphics w/ exquisitely timed color changes for the PF 
and BG? It looked awesome on the big ol' TV AtariAge had setup 
(at least from a medium distance, upclose, people had to squat or 
else the low-viewable-angle of the tv came into play and things
were way too dark.)

PROCRASTINATION "Hard work often pays off after time, but laziness 
                   always pays off now." --Demotivators,

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