Re: [stella] EPROM burners

Subject: Re: [stella] EPROM burners
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 24 Mar 2004 20:29:03 -0000
> >Hey everyone.  Quick question: how much do you all
> >know about eprom burners?  I know practically jack
> >squat, but I want to try to get one so I can start
> >making, or at least testing some stuff on real
> >hardware.
> If you're mainly just wanting to do development, I'd suggest getting a RAM 
> device instead.  It's too much trouble to constantly be burning, erasing, 
> swapping...  Atariage or Packrat can make carts for you when you're ready.

 > Supercharger - 2600 development, but only supports 4k.  Very cheap (~$25)

Agreed. It worked out well for me, the gotchas I ran into where
pretty obscure (And I think next time the Stella list will have
an even quicker idea of where to look :-)

Let me know if you want a supercharger and have trouble finding
one. I just realized I have 2, I goofed back in the day when I was
ebay'ing for 'em. I'd prefer to save one for tradebait at 
New England Classic Gamers so I wouldn't have to figure out 
how to ship it, but might be persuaded to part with one for 
not too much money.

> Krokodile Cart - 2600 development (not available yet)  (~$120)
> Cuttle Cart 2 - requires a 7800, but supports 2600 development ($200)
> Romulator - works with almost any vintage system you can get a cartridge 
> board for ($180)

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