Re: [stella] EPROM burners

Subject: Re: [stella] EPROM burners
From: "David Wyn Davies" <davidwyn.davies@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 20:33:09 -0000
I've been playing around with various designs for one to replace the now
defunct Super E-Burner on the Atari 8-bit.

I suppose it's not really the burners you should be looking at but the ROMs
themselves. The vast majority of low-cost burners hook up either to a PCs
parallel or serial ports and pretty much do the same job - just check for
those that will program the EPROMs you're looking to burn. Most recent
EPROMs have a 12.5V programming voltage. Some of the older of the lower
capacity EPROMs (such as the 2716) have a 21V programming voltage.

There are a lot of kit designs on the net, if you want to save money and
know one end of a soldering iron from another (you'll soon find out - pain
and the smell of burning flesh usually means you have to hold the other
end). There is one design that a lot of people seem to use. It only handles
the 12.5V EPROMs but that shouldn't be a problem. It's also much less
complicated to build than many I've come across.

I did design an EEPROM burner for the 8-bit Atari which used the joystick
ports as a kind of serial interface. Posted it onto an electronics message
board. Never built it but the idea was sound. EEPROMS usually only have a
single 5V supply, so they are even easier to write to and design burners for
as there's no need for an extra power supply (some Flash ROMs also use a
single 5V supply, although many still use a 12V programming voltage).

Hope these little didbits help :-)


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Subject: [stella] EPROM burners

> Hey everyone.  Quick question: how much do you all
> know about eprom burners?  I know practically jack
> squat, but I want to try to get one so I can start
> making, or at least testing some stuff on real
> hardware.
> Any input would be appreciated...
> Thanks,
> Ben
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