[stella] INV+ - The Final Version? - inv40104.bin

Subject: [stella] INV+ - The Final Version? - inv40104.bin
From: Erik Mooney <erik@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2004 19:10:19 -0500
OK, never mind that last binary I sent.  Here's one with full PAL support.
Feedback as to its timing behavior and the look of the colors on real PAL
hardware would be much appreciated.

I may be ready to call this the ultimate final version of INV+.  That
pronouncement will wait until I get a chance to run a round of serious
testing on real hardware (especially in 2-player), but I know of nothing
else right now that needs to be changed.

Changelog 04/01/04:

- Added PAL support.  Flip the switch to B/W and back to Color to cycle to
the next video mode.  It supports NTSC 60Hz, PAL 50Hz, and PAL 60Hz.
Thanks to Glenn's color chart here for the PAL colors:

- While I was at it, brightened up several of the colors a tad.  The
invaders in the arcade are white, so this goes a bit closer to that (but I
like the colors better than making them all white.)

- Fixed a bug where hitting Reset while the saucer was on the screen
caused its sound effect to get stuck.

- Think I fixed a bug where sometimes the player's missile hitting an
invader's bomb would make the game think the saucer had just been hit and
award 50-300 points.  I'm not *completely* sure this is fixed, as it
happens pretty rarely, but I think I nailed it.

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