RE: [stella] Reflex: Source of PAIN!

Subject: RE: [stella] Reflex: Source of PAIN!
From: "Lee Fastenau" <stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 00:40:36 -0500
> This is looking to be an incredible game! At this rate, it will
> be available as
> an AtariAge cart by what... Thursday?! :P  Seriously, amazing progress!

Thanks!  June is the (conservative) target date.  I've expressed interest to
Al at AtariAge in publishing with them.  There's an In Development page for
it here:

The page was created yesterday and the screenshots are already out of date!

> I'd like to
> see it have a one player variation with only *one* paddle instead of the
> opposing pair.

I added it to my proposed features doc.  The current code relies heavily on
the fact that the paddle is mirrored from the top and right to the bottom
and left.  The inclusion of this feature may, in the end, be dependant upon
how much remaining ROM I have left.  Still, the more gameplay variety the

> You probably saw this, but I can get the ball "stuck" on the end
> of the paddle,
> not really in bounds or out. I did this several times by mistake
> (yes, I suck)
> but was then able to do it on purpose. When I then move,
> sometimes it goes out
> of bounds and other times stays in.

Yep, I need to write custom paddle reflection code.  Right now, it's using
the brick reflection code... which is great for bricks... but bricks don't

> Anyway, great work. I want to buy this in cart form as soon as
> it's available
> if that's your plan (and I already have driving controllers at
> the ready!) I
> think this has the potential to be one of my very favorite games
> (I'm already
> loving JoustPong and am ordering Marble Craze).

That's really great to hear!  I appreciate your comments and your vote of

I've got the in-laws coming out this week (and staying in the "office" slash
"guest room"), so it's doubtful I'll get much done in the very near future.
After that, however, development should ramp back up.


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