[stella] FadeOut

Subject: [stella] FadeOut
From: Christopher Tumber <christophertumber@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 13:19:40 -0400
Attached is the latest Fadeout, any comments and suggestions are most welcome!!!

Can somebody test this on real hardware, please? I know there's a roll between the setup screen and the game screen, but I'd appreciate confirmation that as a whole the thing actually runs okay on real hardware.

- Now basically playable, however players don't respawn after they're killed (I'm still deciding how to handle that).
- The code to handle platform detection/falling is now fixed and mostly works correctly (it seems a little tight on some platforms and may need to be tweaked).
- There's now a flashing Ammo reload "icon" (block). Currently it reloads back to a full clip (this will likely become an option). It appears randomly and disappears/reappears after several seconds if it's not picked up (this is important because it's possible that one some levels some parts of the screen may be unaccessible).
- Some things are still a little buggy, like jumping (in particular if you shoot while jumping/falling). Settings like speed and shot range need tweaking.
- I'm thinking of allowing the Game Select switch to cycle through levels (during the game) so you can choose which level to play. (Thoughts?)
- Currently the platforms are all white and the "background" on the platform scanlines is black. This gives a real advantage if you're black since you disappear against this background allowing you to jump/fall undetected. So I may have to change this so that a contrasting colour is used when the player is black. (Thoughts?) (ie: Try playing the game with Black and White players then switch to Red and Green players and you'll see what I mean)

- There are several things which will likely become options:
  - Players currently can't "wrap around" the left and right edges of the screen.
  - Ammo icon currently reloads completely.
  - What happens when players die (where they respawn, if the game stays on the same level or switches levels).

- There's no computer AI. I'd like to be able to play one player but I don't know if this is really going to be happen given the wide variety of possible level layouts and the complexity of movement.

- If an AI is not possible, maybe some kind of one player "time trial" game where you have to collect a series of Ammo icons is the shortest amount of time possible? (Thoughts? Maybe include that anyway?)

- Walking on a moving platform while the background behind you is the same colour as you are is quite tricky!


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