Re: [stella] AOTM AFOS New Version

Subject: Re: [stella] AOTM AFOS New Version
From: "Kroko" <Nil.Krokodil@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2004 12:54:19 +0200
Hi !
the game is cool when I play it with the emulator. For some reason, there are problems
when I play it on the 2600. I have a PAL TV here, and when I shoot, then the shots
always start at the same position (a little right of the middle of the screen) and not where
the spaceship is.
That is not so on the emulator, but it runs in NTSC mode, i guess. Can anybody with a
PAL TV confirm this, or is it just my personal problem...
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From: Shrek
Sent: Friday, July 02, 2004 3:48 PM
Subject: [stella] AOTM AFOS New Version

Here (attached) is the skeleton of the new version. It's almost completely playable, you earn points, lose and earn lives. I didn't change sound, but I did improve the playing routines. I'm very proud, that it does everything like the last version, using just 1 line kernel, and not needing to borrow lines from the visible frame for the calculations. This is mostly because I improved the score calculations routine, and displaying sprites (that is, I read Andrew Davie's tutorial more carefully;). Also, I made it 2K, 'cause it's just a bit over 1K.
There are a few problems, though.
1) Ufo changes colours from time to time. I can tell why is it done when it goes to the right edge of the screen, but why is it going brighter sometimes? Mystery to me.
2) When I added couple of instructions to the overscan, the ufo was behaving weirdly. It changed X pos. by a few pixels from time to time. Why? Does it mean that overscan is full of code? I thinked of adding some variations to the game, like faster missiles, missiles that keep Xpos with ufo, or missiles that chase player. If the overscan is full, where will I insert all these?... poor me.
3) The sound routine is called by jsr. When I tried to insert it right in the place in which it was called (deleting jsr Sound_Routine), the score lines were messed up until player earned first point. What the....?!?
Also, here is what I plan to do with it:
1) Some variety, as I've written above.
2) Title screen, as before, probably the same music. I like that tune, however, I've meant to compose something different, than what I got made ;)
3) More fancy death kernel, with ship explosion. And it WILL apperar when the last life is lost, I promise:)
4)....any suggestions?
Anyway, I'd really like to thank you all for finding some time to look at these little "somethings" that I produce, and call "my games"...

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