Re: [stella] AOTM AFOS New Version

Subject: Re: [stella] AOTM AFOS New Version
From: "Andrew Davie" <atari2600@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2004 22:31:52 +1000
Greetings Shrek.  Nice effort!

I had a bit of a play and noticed one bug.  The saucer was near the bottom
of the screen, quite small, when I shot it.  As it was shot and disappeared
I saw a saucer-width line the whole screen in depth.  Only saw it once.

Keep up the good work :)


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Subject: [stella] AOTM AFOS New Version

Here (attached) is the skeleton of the new version. It's almost completely
playable, you earn points, lose and earn lives. I didn't change sound, but I
did improve the playing routines. I'm very proud, that it does everything
like the last version, using just 1 line kernel, and not needing to borrow
lines from the visible frame for the calculations. This is mostly because I
improved the score calculations routine, and displaying sprites (that is, I
read Andrew Davie's tutorial more carefully;). Also, I made it 2K, 'cause
it's just a bit over 1K.

There are a few problems, though.

1) Ufo changes colours from time to time. I can tell why is it done when it
goes to the right edge of the screen, but why is it going brighter
sometimes? Mystery to me.

2) When I added couple of instructions to the overscan, the ufo was behaving
weirdly. It changed X pos. by a few pixels from time to time. Why? Does it
mean that overscan is full of code? I thinked of adding some variations to
the game, like faster missiles, missiles that keep Xpos with ufo, or
missiles that chase player. If the overscan is full, where will I insert all
these?... poor me.

3) The sound routine is called by jsr. When I tried to insert it right in
the place in which it was called (deleting jsr Sound_Routine), the score
lines were messed up until player earned first point. What the....?!?

Also, here is what I plan to do with it:

1) Some variety, as I've written above.

2) Title screen, as before, probably the same music. I like that tune,
however, I've meant to compose something different, than what I got made ;)

3) More fancy death kernel, with ship explosion. And it WILL apperar when
the last life is lost, I promise:)

4)....any suggestions?

Anyway, I'd really like to thank you all for finding some time to look at
these little "somethings" that I produce, and call "my games"...


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