Re: [stella] Poll: What is everybody working on?

Subject: Re: [stella] Poll: What is everybody working on?
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 23:18:22 +0200
Hi there!

I'm still learning the system and playing around with moving dots around etc ... but I would like to try something based on the Magic the Gathering Battlegrounds video game that came out for the modern consoles and PC last year. However dumbing it way down in the area of two wizards battleing across a centerline much like some of the old head to head shooting style games.

Uihja... now that is funny, because I recently gave up on doing a game *like that* ;-)

Here's most of the brainstorming that went into it:

Feel free to use anything you find there :-)

If you're interested, in the meantime I found yet another C64 wizard battle game, that had a nice concept and that'd easily fit to the 2600.


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