Re: [stella] Meditations on the pause button

Subject: Re: [stella] Meditations on the pause button
From: "Edwin Blink" <edwin.blink@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 11:23:45 +0200
Glenn Saunders: wrote:

> I would expect some difference between the NTSC and PAL version of the
> 7800.  The PAL version doesn't have the digital signature stuff.

I found a 4K NTSC BIOS and 16K PAL BIOS at:
using a hex editor and Keith Henrickson 7800 bios disassembly. I found and
verified the code that is copied to ram. The first 100 bytes are identical
for both
versions. so a signature check on (part of ) them is possible.

Hmm, I just realized though that the test won't work when using a
cuttle cart or other cart that overwrites Ram before the test can be made.

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