Re: [stella] Fall Down RC testing

Subject: Re: [stella] Fall Down RC testing
From: "Aaron" <stella-receiver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 05:27:23 +0100 (BST)
Dennis Debro said:
> Hi there,
> I hope you don't mind me starting another thread.

Well, _I_ don't mind...

> I played this a bit over the weekend and I think it's an enjoyable game.
> It gives some great head to head comp when playing with 2 players too.
> The last version I played was the last one posted to AA. Maybe there was a
> more recent ROM that I don't have. Either way here are some suggestions...

That was the most recent.  I haven't been doing much with it lately.

> 1) Have you thought of adding obstacles? Maybe walls or spikes. The spikes
> could come out of the ground (moving up and down) and make the player jump
> over them to get pass.

I do think that would be a good idea, but it's a bit beyond the scope of
what I had planned.  The entire design of the game would have to change to
fit obstacles in...  Rom space is one problem, though I could cut down the
title screen for example, but there isn't any ram either...

> 2) I think the jumping needs more work. It seems more like the player is
> levitating vs. jumping. Maybe the player is levitating ;-) If it's jumping
> then I'd prefer to see the player not be able to change directions once
> they're in the air.

I could probably reduce the air control, but I'm wondering if that would
actually make the game more fun...  There was the one guy on AA who
thought the jumps were too "floaty", which is related but a little
different I think.  And I never came up with a good solution to it...

> 3) Is the computer opponent that good or am I just that bad? The AI is
> great but how about ramping up to a smart computer opponent. The computer
> doesn't go for the power-ups but it does get to the holes quicker.

I did try to make it competitive :)  Strategy-wise I think you're better
off trying to kill the AI than trying to race it early on.  That works for
me at least...

Also you can make the game easier by turning of the wrap-around edges for
player 2 (right difficulty switch to pro).

Anyway, I'm going to sent RC 3 to the mini-game compo.....  right.....
now.  But I'll see if maybe I can do something with the jumping at least.


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