Re: [stella] Fall Down RC testing

Subject: Re: [stella] Fall Down RC testing
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 29 Sep 2004 02:52:21 -0000
> Aaron said:
> > I think I actually could do that without too much trouble...  the AI could
> > be limited to only thinking on every second or fourth frame.  Really the
> > main problem is finding space for a new icon to put on the title screen.
> This didn't actually work...  but I did manage to bring back the crappy AI
> from an older version, where it doesn't move while falling.  Really makes
> the game very easy...  Anyway, it's marked with an "EZ" on the title
> screen now (aside - is the teddy bear sort of a standard symbol for
> easy?).

I think it is, though give how infogrames' incarnation of atari
has been lately, maybe pixel perfect borrowing is a bad idea?

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