Re: [stella] Jumpman: Follow the leader - No good!

Subject: Re: [stella] Jumpman: Follow the leader - No good!
From: Christopher Tumber <christophertumber@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 15:50:04 -0400
>Problem is, in this level your Joystick input is "recorded" and after a while there's several evil Jumpman "shadows" followong your path, precisely as it was recorded (Like in... anybone remembering "Flood" from Bullfrog?)
>That effect will use way too much RAM for a proper conversion...

I don't know if this will really help, much, but you could store *changes* in joystick direction. ie:

Left X 20 frames
Up X 10 frames
Right x 50 frames

Assuming Left/Right/Up/Down/Jump that's 5 bits + 1 byte for # frames (max 256 frames at a shot). But you can cheat, you'll never have Up+Down+Right+Left so 1111 can be jump and you're down to 1 nibble for the directions + 1 byte for # of frames. So you can store 2 directions changes in 3 bytes. If you can set aside even 20-30 bytes you can get a pretty complex set of movements. I dunno if that's enough, or you have that much RAM but I thought I'd mention it....


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