RE: [stella] Crazy Balloon Update

Subject: RE: [stella] Crazy Balloon Update
From: "Dennis Debro" <dennis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 19:15:57 -0500
Hi Manuel,

> Hm... you mean repositioning? Would be tough to do I think. I'd need to
> determine a 2LK block inbetween the two spikes where there's "no balloon"
> to be drawn.

I forgot you're using HMPx to draw the balloon. What if you used sprites
instead of HMPx for the balloon? Then maybe you could VDEL the balloon to
have enough time.

> Is the flicker worse enough justifying another 60-80 bytes of ROM for two
> additional kernel lines? After all there's only 2 out of the 16 levels
> that have them.

Nah, I was just wondering if there was a way around it.

Take care,

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