Re: [stella] Video modes

Subject: Re: [stella] Video modes
From: Jason Rein <jjrein@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 19:12:42 -0500
On Feb 28, 2005, at 3:29 PM, Lee Fastenau wrote:

>> Well, Space Invaders would allow you to have two missiles on the 
>> screen
>> at the same time if you held down one of those (both?  Can't recall
>> offhand) when powering on.  Does that count?  I don't recall hearing
>> why that happens on the list, but suppose I could search the
>> archives...  :^)
> Yep, that counts.  Just found a couple references to it on Google.  
> It's the Reset switch.
> I'm able to test the switches during startup on my Supercharger, but 
> so far I haven't been able to successfully test them in an emulator.  
> Are emulator users out-of-luck when it comes to this type of 
> feature/easter egg?

I was able to do it with an early version of Stella (v0.7, IIRC) for 
Classic Mac OS. I rapidly tapped 'r' (Reset) while the ROM loaded up. 
If the timing was right: voila! Two missiles! I suppose it works for 
later versions as well.

- Jason (Emehr @ Atari Age Forums)

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