[stella] Hellos, Maze003, and my broken consoles

Subject: [stella] Hellos, Maze003, and my broken consoles
From: Andrew Schwerin <schwerin2@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 10:58:15 -0500
Hello Stella Members,

You may remember me from such posts as:




And now 6 years later I find myself again pulled into 
development/enthusuisasm for the 2600.  I will need to put together 
my software tools again, as I lost them and project files in 
switching machines.  (Tips on mac development tools appreciated).

Fortunately, I still have paper copies of my notes and of the Maze003 
assembly listing. (Golly, who keeps things on paper these days).

It will take a while to get back into paddles, hooks, playfield registers, etc.

Um, yeah, so anyone into fixing my two 2600 consoles, in the Boston area?

(I know, why bother if they can be found on ebay for < $20?)

The first one is a wood grain model.  Hooked up on ch 3 it just shows 
a black screen with some fuzz.

The second is a "darth vader" (?) all black with an A/V mod (a Chris 
Wilkson special) which outputs black now, I think, and silence.  The 
coaxial ouput has been cut, so I can't test that (presumably without 
opening the case and reconnecting it - hey, I'm a software guy!).

So, yeah, nice to see you guys again.  Hope I can be of some help.

If anyone's interested in collaborating on my maze scroller, let me 
know - that will encourage me to take up the project again.

Oh, and my website disappeared, so if anyone has an archive of my 
Maze003 files, that would be *so* helpful.


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