[stella] WIP: PlayerPal v2.0

Subject: [stella] WIP: PlayerPal v2.0
From: Kirk Israel <kirkjerk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 16:45:39 -0400
So it's still only about half done, but still pretty cool IMO:

PlayerPal 2.0: either view the attachment, or see it at 

It's aiming to be THE best editor for atari player graphics in the
history of mankind...all in a single big HTML file.

Unlike it's predecessor, 
2.0 includes support for colors (PAL and NTSC) and displaying multiple
frames at once. I stole the PAL/NTSC -> HTML codes from the MiniDig

I've been testing it mostly with recentish versions of IE and Firefox,
so those will probably remain the target browsers.

It's actually very satisfying to try to create color images within the
usual one-color-per-scanline constraint.

One other big change I'd like to include is not just exporting the
binary data for the images, but assemble-able sourcecode.  Don't
suppose there are any volunteers for making a simple
use-joystick-to-control multicolor animated sprite, one-line-kernal
framework?  (Heh, maybe it would be good practice for me, I'm really
rusty when it comes to coding this stuff.)

Assuming this gets done, I'll turn my attention to PlayfieldPal v2.0
-- and from there, I should be ready to do various one-offs, like
something for Crazy Balloon...

I was inspired by "vdub_bobby" (maker of Go Fish) mentioning he used
the old crappy version to draw sprites for his game (including a cute
little fish skeleton) -- hearing people actually use some of this
stuff is a huge motivation.

Also thanks to Lee, whose Reflex editor (and helplful advice later)
showed me how slick these things can be.  Over all it's been great
training for me in javascript, DHTML, and CSS. (even if I cheat a lot
and don't keep my CSS pure)
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playerpal 2600


Color Select

apply to all

background color: []

v image edit controls

scroll pixels:





include colors
all frames
wrap edges

> advanced properties

video colors:

> view animation




  * show bgcolor value in right place

  * put bgcolor behind small versions

  * color rows in big and small

  * (default white)

  * animation

  * generate source data

  * generate runnable source code

  * scroll u/d/l/r

  * switch for PAL/NTSC change

  * collapsable control panels

  * make "no color" a removable button for color picker (background can't
    have "no color")

  * check for onselect or something in IE

  * resizable canvas

  * size of big canvas and small

  * copy/paste

  * nice title

  * help/acknowledgements

  * reading in data as well....

  * bug of radio button not checked on reload(form issue?), also click
    anywhere on td???

  * BUG: color sidebar not right when not editing one?

  * BUG: resizing issue when width of color sidebar changes

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