RE: [stella] WIP: PlayerPal v2.0

Subject: RE: [stella] WIP: PlayerPal v2.0
From: "Bob Montgomery" <BobM@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 12:27:21 -0400
As a newbie 2600 coder, something I would like to see/have is a document
that has, in one place, all the little-documented goofy quirks of TIA.

Like the quirk that doubled/quadrupled players are positioned one pixel to the right of single-width players.  
That cost me like a week of fruitless bug-hunting.
And a quick explanation of the black HMOVE lines: what they are and how to avoid them.
And a detailed explanation of TIA timing: at exactly what cycles you need to write the PF registers for an asymmetrical playfield (for mirrored and non-mirrored PF), etc.

That kind of stuff had me tearing my hair out.  I know that all that info is out there somewhere, either in AA's archives, [stella]'s archives, or floating on Kirk's site or somewhere, but a footnoted version of the Stella Guide would be awfully nice.


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Subject: Re: [stella] WIP: PlayerPal v2.0

On 5/16/05, Andrew Davie <atari2600@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Speaking of work, once your boulderdash-esque game reaches some level
> > of completition, do you see yourself adding more tutorials?

> But also, I see many people have started programming since our tutorials.  I
> think they give people the start they need, and more complex stuff may not
> be necessary anyway.

That could be. I'm always so giddy when I hear about some
up-and-come-er who mentions using 2600101 or one of my editors.

In terms of complex stuff, I see what you mean but I still think
there's a need for capturing some of the best practices that might be
buried in [stella] archives -- I was trying to do that with 2600

I might try to engulf all the good stuff from Slocum's "Atari 2600
Advanced Programming Guide "

Incidentally, the invitation is still open if anyone would like to add
articles to the cookbook.
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