[stella] Ball vertical delay

Subject: [stella] Ball vertical delay
From: Adam Wozniak <adam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 01:04:23 -0400
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In the TIA manual, it says...

% A second graphics (enable) bit is alternately loaded from the output of
% the first, one line after the first was loaded from the data bus. A ball
% vertical delay bit (VDELBL) selects which of these two graphics bits is
% used for the ball serial output. The first graphics bit (ENABL) should
% be loaded during the same horizontal blank time as player 0 (GRP0),
% because GRP1 is used to load the second enable bit from the output of
% the first on alternate lines.

Can someone rephrase this for me?  I don't understand it as worded here,
and I think I got it wrong in my VHDL.

case a is
   when "011011" =>
      regGRP0a <= d; -- load the GRP0 main register
      regGRP1b <= d; -- load the GRP1 delay register
   when "011100" =>
      regGRP1a <= d; -- load the GRP1 main register
      regGRP0b <= d; -- load the GRP0 delay register
   when "011111" =>
      regENABLa <= d(1);      -- load the ENABL main register
      regENABLb <= regENABLa; -- load the ENABL delay register  ???
end case;

I know this is wrong, but I'm not sure what the right thing is.  Or maybe
the delayed ENABL should be loaded somewhere completely different?

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