Re: [stella] Stella Debugger RFC

Subject: Re: [stella] Stella Debugger RFC
From: Erik Mooney <erik@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 18:52:51 -0400
On Wed Jun 15 16:34 , 'B. Watson' <atari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> sent:

>Also, isn't there a "trick" where you use JSR to strobe two registers
>faster than normally possible? Hrm, or is that RTS?

JSR is used for that trick.  The "termination" of the subroutine would be caught
by the target-PC check, since the target address for the JSR is just the
immediately following instruction.

Alternatively, you could explicitly detect the trick being used by checking if
S < $80.  If it is, just single-step past the JSR and don't initiate a "trace over".
(The trick works by setting S to point to one of the RESxx registers, then the
JSR strobes that register and the register immediately below it only one cycle

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