RE: [stella] Stella 2.0 alpha 1 available

Subject: RE: [stella] Stella 2.0 alpha 1 available
From: "Fred Quimby" <c9r@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 19:04:25 -0400
>The 2 major ones in Alpha 1 are in the "disasm" command: the hex bytes
>are totally wrong, and the zero,x addressing mode prints the wrong
>operand. Also there's a bug in the symbol file loader that keeps it from
>working if a file contains any symbol names longer than 24 characters.
>All 3 of these have been fixed now.

Yes, the hex bytes were among the things I noticed, but it happpened to me 
when using the trace or step command (can't remember which one.)

I had another thought.  Other debuggers I've used will highlight any updated 
bytes, registers, etc. in red when you step, trace or whatnot.  In the 
memory window, for example, when I'm jumping by frames, it's easy for me to 
miss some of the bytes that are updated, and impossible to determine which 
were written to but had the same value written back.  So I wonder how hard 
it would be to change them to red or highlight them in some way?  This would 
be a nice addition.

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