RE: [stella] Stella 2.0 alpha 1 available

Subject: RE: [stella] Stella 2.0 alpha 1 available
From: "B. Watson" <atari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 20:07:55 -0400
On Fri, 24 Jun 2005, Fred Quimby wrote:

>> The 2 major ones in Alpha 1 are in the "disasm" command: the hex bytes
> Yes, the hex bytes were among the things I noticed, but it happpened to me
> when using the trace or step command (can't remember which one.)

Same bug, same cause, same fix..

> I had another thought.  Other debuggers I've used will highlight any updated
> bytes, registers, etc. in red when you step, trace or whatnot.  In the
> memory window, for example, when I'm jumping by frames, it's easy for me to
> miss some of the bytes that are updated, and impossible to determine which
> were written to but had the same value written back.  So I wonder how hard
> it would be to change them to red or highlight them in some way?  This would
> be a nice addition.

You've used some nicer debuggers than I have :)

It should be possible to do. I'll pass it on to Steve, he's the GUI
guy. I'm doing the prompt and low-level stuff... I can already see how
to get the emulation core to support this.

I'd say the CPU window should do the same thing for the registers,
and the TIA window too (when it's implemented).

This is the worst problem we have: neither of us has used enough
different debuggers to know what features people expect to see. Most
of my debugger experience is limited to non-graphical ones: various
Commodore 64 machine language monitors, the DOS DEBUG command, and
gdb. I did use Turbo Debugger for a while in school (not a full GUI,
but a curses-style text UI), but that was many moons ago :)

So we're definitely open to feature requests.

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