RE: [stella] Re: Question about opcode ANE ($8B)

Subject: RE: [stella] Re: Question about opcode ANE ($8B)
From: "Fred Quimby" <c9r@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 19:03:10 -0400
>Right after I sent this I saw a web site that said this opcode is highly
>unstable :-( so disregard my post. I guess I'll have to try something

As I understand, ANE does different things on different computers using the 
same 6502.  Its instability was noted on the C64, and was suspected to do 
with the video chip or something like that.  It may indeed be 100% stable on 
a 2600, and I'd be surprised if anyone has actually tested this.  It 
wouldn't be too hard to write a program to test its output in basically 
every case and test it against an expected value to see if we might discover 
something else out about the 2600.

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