Re: [stella] BASIC functions - ADR()

Subject: Re: [stella] BASIC functions - ADR()
From: "Fred Quimby" <c9r@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 01:04:38 -0400
>This gets at the heart of the dual nature of Batari Basic.  Is it a
>Basic adhering as closely as possible to the old 8bit Basics some of
>us grew up on, or is it an efficient way of writing assembly, that
>happens to use Basic syntax? (A floor wax or a dessert topping, so to
>geek...errr, speak.)

Well, my initial idea came from what I remember about TI 99/4 BASIC.  Not 
the extended BASIC, the one that came with the machine.  For those who never 
used it, it was very watered-down, and actually a little annoying to use.  
But its simplicity gave me the idea that such a thing would be easy to 
compile, and that I could create a BASIC-like language that was not too far 
off from writing in assembly directly.

Initially, I was going to keep if-then statements simple, like if 
(condition) then (linenumber) just like TI BASIC.  But after coding this in, 
I remembered how much I hated this about TI BASIC, and figured out that 
"then (statement)" wouldn't be that much harder to do after all (with a 
little recursion of sorts :)  I also originally didn't allow colons, but 
then I realized that this wasn't hard either, just keep parsing until no 
more colons are found.  To be honest, the hardest thing about writing the 
compiler was the 2600's kernel!

>Combining that with the whole issue of some
>things just aren't going to be feasible or at least easy for you to
>code, and also your desire to keep it dead simple to use the basic
>initial kernal for a simple game, and you have some tough design
>decisions ahead of you.

The simpler, the better.

"A man's gotta know his limitations." - Dirty Harry

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