RE: [stella] on Batari BASIC

Subject: RE: [stella] on Batari BASIC
From: "Bob Montgomery" <BobM@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 18:11:28 -0400

>One thing that would be nice:  when stepping through code, 
>if you could see the next 5-10 instructions 
>in ROM.  And maybe the previous five.  Without that, 
>I am constantly referring back and forth between my 
>code and the debugger, which makes for slow going.

Actually, I just closed the Stella debugger and opened PCAE - I don't know if it is just familiarity, but having everything onscreen at once (RAM, registers, ROM, flags, TIA) plus tracking what scanline I'm on, and how many cycles into it I am, just seems a better interface to me.  Even though PCAE doesn't emulate 100% accurately.

So there ya go.  I *am* looking forward to a completed Stella debugger; as it is now PCAE works better for me.

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