[stella] DASM Wish List

Subject: [stella] DASM Wish List
From: "C. Bond" <cbond@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 17:16:27 -0400
It occurred to me that 'anonymous' labels might be a good
addition to DASM. These
are sometimes called MASM-style local labels, but they are
not just local, they are
totally nameless. The syntax used is:

@@   JMP NXT
SCAN LDA NUM    ; ordinary label
     CMP #3
     BCS @B     ; branch to previous anonymous label
     JMP ONE
     CMP #2
     BNE @F     ; branch to next anonymous label
     JMP TWO
@@   CMP #3

These labels simply identify a line as a target of a branch
instruction. The symbol @F refers to the next line labelled
with @@ and the symbol @B refers to the most recent line
labelled with @@.
The intent is to avoid having to construct artificial or
enumerated names for labels just to satisfy
the requirements of unique labels for the assembler. Long
case-type statements and if-type constructs are easily coded
with this strategy.

(Please, no attacks! This is just a suggestion which other
coders may regard as without merit or borderline dangerous,
but which has been found useful in some commercial

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