re: [stella] DASM Wish List

Subject: re: [stella] DASM Wish List
From: "B. Watson" <atari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 20:43:07 -0400
> Things get hard to read, especially with gas, which allows up to nine anonymous
> labels (numbered from 0 to 9). f0 searches the nearest label 0 forward, b9
> the nearest label backward. Anyway, that's up to the programmer wether he
> wants to use this feature or not.

I bet it becomes a maintenance nightmare if you use enough of them to
actually need 10 of them at once... every time you add one, it throws
off the numbering of all the existing ones.

The simple version of it (the original proposal without the numbers)
seems like it'd be easier to use, even if it's less flexible, and it
would solve the problem of coming up with unique names when you can't
think of a meaningful name to use (loop, loop1, myloop, etc. aren't all
that meaningful anyway).

> An advantage of this mechanism is that it gives you macro local labels (can
> dasm do this ? don't think so...) for free.

DASM does have macro-local labels. You start them with a period:

  mac aroni
  ldx #{1}
  bne .cheese

In the symbol and listing output, the label will appear as "1.cheese"
the first time the macro's used, "2.cheese" the second, etc. I don't
know whether it's possible to reference "1.cheese" from outside the macro
(it seems like it wouldn't be, but I never tried it).

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