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Subject: Re: [stella] stella charter
From: Joseph Thompson <jrt1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 12:21:34 -0400
>"I'm probably going to get a mix of praise and criticism for this."
>     - Fred's first sentence in his first post about bB
>Fred, I don't think people are criticizing you.  Most of us probably just
>hope new members embracing bB will continue to exercise the same level of
>discretion in their posts as we have in the past.
I can remember countless times, both on this list and on AA, where the 
idea of something like bB was dismissed as being impossible...But yet, 
Fred has managed to do it and it works extremely well even at this early 
stage.  As long as development of the language continues, it could 
eventually be possible to do everything with it that can be done with 

I know it's enabled me to finally cut through the confusion and 
understand how the system works, just as it's done for many others.  I'm 
working on a version of Bullfight that I hope I can make sufficiently 
contest-worthy within the next several months.  That said, I won't post 
anything regarding it here until I'm ready to add some assembly to it.  
It wouldn't really belong.  The experienced assembly programmers here 
don't use bB, so it makes more sense to use the AA forum for questions 
relating to how to do stuff in bB.

--Joseph Thompson

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