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Subject: Re: [stella] stella charter
From: xucaen <xucaen@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 01:38:40 -0400
just me 2 cents here,, I always thought of AA as a "for all ages" kind of 
place, and Stella list was the place you went to discuss some new super 
complex algorithm that no Atari programmer had ever dreamed of and how do I 
shave off 1 cycle? I think there will always be room for Stella list even on 
When I stumbled onto Atari 2600 programming a little less than a year ago I 
knew nothing, but was very excited to learn. Reading Stella list was too 
much for me, but then there was AA to get me started. I had and still have a 
lot of learning to do about 6502 assembler but I am loving it! And recently, 
I've been going to the Stella list archives and now I am actually able to 
find some good stuff there that I can actually understand. A year ago it 
would have been gibberish.

I don't think the server matters, or even if it's e-mail or a BBS, but I 
personally like having Stella list there for those times when I really want 
to dig into something complex. 

I don't know if the language matters.. an algorithm is an algorithm, whether 
it's in basic, C or assembler. and the complicated ones are the ones that 
Stella list is there for. Everyone at some point will try to do something 
complicated, and it may turn out that assembler is the only way to get it 
done. In fact I'm sure of it. And when they get to that point, I hope Stella 
list is still around, in whatever incarnation it may be.

Sorry, that came to about 2 1/2 cents... :)


On 8/24/05, Doug Dingus <opengeek@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > You know what happens when 2600 programming takes
> > > place in a vacuum?
> It gets stale, just like anything else does. New blood means new ideas. 
> > 
> > But there's "elite", in a positive sense of urging people to a high 
> > standard, which I think is fair for [stella] to aim's not the
> > same as "exclusionary"'s open to all, it's patient with
> > newcomers.
> > 
> > I think for [stella] to maintain its focus on "traditional" assembly 
> > programming rather than embracing a new still emerging and developing
> > high level language is reasonable.
> As do I.
> So as a newcomer, currently working in a mix of bb and assembler, let me 
> post a few impressions here for the elders consideration, while at the same 
> time assuming I have no say really:
> 1. How do you folks want to receive folks like me?
> On the AA forum, one jumps in and it's all good. Here it seems a bit more 
> difficult to do that. I've read you all long enough to know you are nice 
> enough folks, but I have to admit I never posted because the standards seem 
> high. Long ago, I jumped in a few times when the venue was USENET. That was 
> easy enough, I added my part to the discussion then lurked when my part was 
> done. When the list formed, I think that went unchanged. Today it's 
> different somehow, IMHO. I'm not sure just what the expectations are for 
> this venue and would appreciate some clarification on that score.
> 2. Long ago, I liked the original vision and stayed tuned because I value 
> what I see. Looking back from then to today, it's somewhat stale. New things 
> are happening, which is amazing given the machine, but it's stale all the 
> same. It's safe to say the art of making a great cart has been well refined.
> Honestly, where is the push for the future going to come? Lots of 
> Superchargers going largely unused. What about 7800 programming? I see tons 
> of talent here, squeezing every last drop out of the 2600. That's all good 
> and should continue. I think this speaks to #1. Encouraging a larger crowd 
> might bring more into the fold, doing more interesting things. --Some of 
> these things might evolve into new directions, ideas, games, etc...
> 3. I could care less about the list venue and that line of discussion is 
> simply a distraction to me. Pick one and commit.
> Like I posted earlier, I hopped onto the bb bandwagon because I like the 
> feel of the classic games. With it, I can actually get one done. With a mix 
> of bb and assembler, I can likely get a really good one done. Which leads me 
> to....
> 4. Is this list about games on the 2600, or about the art of programming 
> in the tightest environment? I love the latter, because the knowledge 
> enables some great game experiences and because it's all about working with 
> the hardware. Honestly, I see the continued focus on the minimal environment 
> getting in the way of some great games using supercharger, ram carts, 7800, 
> etc.... Eventually, that's the way I want to go because the games possible 
> there will represent the very best Atari experience for me.
> Again, observations and thoughts from just one newcomer interested in 
> classic gaming on hardware I love. Take it, leave it, hate it, love it, but 
> let me know what this venue is about so I can contribute accordingly when it 
> makes best sense to do so.
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