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From: "Pete Beazley" <pete@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 13:36:08 -0400
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> > While not a C or C++ tool, Active Server Pages (ASP) do a nice job of
> > processing XML and XSL on NT IIS servers.  You can use ASP to
> > dynamically or
> > statically transform XML to HTML and serve the results to the browser.
> Thanks for the information, however we need to support both IIS
> and NS servers.
> In fact, we have to support NT and Unix from DB to browser, plus
> multiple DBs.

Two thoughts on supporting both NT and Unix:

1. Consider PHP for server-side scripting on Unix, which is similar to ASP
on NT. See for general PHP information and for XML support in PHP.

2. Consider a distributed app, using Active Server Pages on the NT server as
a remote XML module of sorts. For example, you could write an XML/XSL
processing application in ASP (accessing the MSXML dll) and then access
those ASP pages by way of HTTP from the Unix server - all server side. That
way both NT and Unix servers have access to XML processing, you can write
XML processing "modules" once and in the environment that makes sense for
that module, and you can set it up so that both server types can serve the
resulting HTML pages to browsers. The key is that behind-the-scenes exchange
of data (using XML of course) allows the XML processing to be distributed
across the servers. In fact, this scenario is on my to-do list for later
this month.

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