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Subject: RE: server side tools...
From: shalperin@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Shalperin)
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 12:02:12 -0700

> From: "Pete Beazley" <pete@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> > Shalperin [shalperin@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
> > Thanks for the information, however we need to support both IIS
> > and NS servers.
> > In fact, we have to support NT and Unix from DB to browser, plus
> > multiple DBs.
> Two thoughts on supporting both NT and Unix:
> 1. Consider PHP for server-side scripting on Unix, which is 
> similar to ASP
> on NT. See for general PHP information and
> for XML support in PHP.

Again, thanks.  I was hoping not to have to write dual implementations beyond a
server API layer, but I might have to - or not use XSL at this time  :( and wait
for more tools to be written (no time to do this ourselves - hint, hint, we're
willing to pay...).

> 2. Consider a distributed app, using Active Server Pages on 
> the NT server as
> a remote XML module of sorts.

<snip for brevity>

A good idea, unfortunately our x-plat support is based on our clients'
configuration (they will maintain the servers), so we can't rely on them using

We're just slicing ourselves open on this bleeding edge.  ;)


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