Re: A would-be user's first XSL experience (long)

Subject: Re: A would-be user's first XSL experience (long)
From: jmbolles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 17:45:02 GMT
Or you could use any of a number of installers such as InstallAnyWhere that
creates installs for a variety of platforms. If I read your comments right,
you are complaining because you can get away with forcing the user to make
you app work on most platforms, but not on the Mac. (The difference between
truly installing an app, and dumping it on the user's drive.) As a user of
both Macs and NT, let me ask why are you distributing any application on
any platform that isn't double-clickable to open?


Chris Maden <crism@xxxxxxxxxxx> on 06/02/99 11:06:20 AM

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The lack of a command line on the Mac makes Java a real pain in the
butt.  I don't know about typical user use, but to distribute a Java
application on the Mac, I have to use a tool from the Mac Java package
to create a Mac application by feeding it the class, class path, and
other parameters.  (For CD distribution, I then need to write an
AppleScript that installs the software, since an application won't be
recognized on an ISO 9660 CD, since there's no resource fork...)
Playing nice with others is not something the Mac system is good at.


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