Re: A would-be user's first XSL experience (long)

Subject: Re: A would-be user's first XSL experience (long)
From: Rick Geimer <rick.geimer@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 11:13:09 -0700
> > [I know the overall statistics, but it still
> > appears to me that among those superficial, media-centric Web
> > developers who work above the application layer, easily half prefer
> > Macs. Easily 2/3 in San Francisco's and New York's silicon
> > gulch/alley.]
> My experience is that these are the last people in an organization to buy
> the separation of abstraction from presentation. I would be amazed if we
> could really count on them as allies in this discussion. Most of them
> think XML (much less XSL!) is a Unix-inspired plot to make their lives
> more complicated. They are mostly right: XML does tend to make their lives
> more complicated but that's sometimes the price of progress.

Actually there are many Mac users who are very interested in XML because of
the flexibility gained by the separation of data and presentation, but the
lack of tools for the platform is discouraging. As for being fearful that XML
is a Unix inspired plot, that's not such a big deal any more since MacOS X
runs on top of BSD 4.4 and a Mach microkernel :-).

Rick Geimer
National Semiconductor

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